Hello, gorgeous! My name is Yisell Santos and I am a Hair & Makeup Artist in the Northern VA area. From an early age, I had such a fascination with art in many forms. I perceived everyday objects at more than face value; they were full of color, gradient, shape and shadow. Pursuing my degree in Graphic Arts and Design was a natural choice. Soon after I graduated, I realized that the type of art I really wanted to be involved in was the human kind. A two-dimensional canvas is nice, but no canvas is more lovely than a person. Every face is a unique work of art with endless possibilities. I had found my calling. With a supportive husband and a beautiful son to cheer me on, the rest is history! I have extensive experience ranging from catalog and fashion to TV and film, but my heart belongs to bridal and special occasion makeup. There's something so fulfilling about making people feel flawless on the best day of their lives. In my free time, I still enjoy dabbling in graphic design, crafting and running up a serious tab at makeup shops (Yes, that counts as a hobby).