The Importance of Hiring a Hair & Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

by Yisell Santos

Dear Bride,
Hire a professional beauty vendor for your wedding day.  I promise you, it’s worth it and you won’t regret it.

The day you get married is when you should feel the most confident and beautiful.  You search countless hours, days, weeks, and months for the perfect dress, shoes etc.  And rightfully so as all eyes will be on you.  It’s the most photographed day of your life.  Your face will be in every picture.  Which is why hiring a professional to do your hair & makeup for your wedding is one of the best decisions you can make, and here’s why:

Face it, you’ve thought about it.  Why can’t I just do my own makeup?  I know how to do it, I know what I like and I’ve practically been doing my own makeup since, like, forever.  I do an awesome job!  That may be true, but keep in mind that every day makeup and special event makeup are two completely different things.  Think about how much you’ve invested in your photography.  Do you really want to skimp on your face?  Besides, everyone deserves a little pampering.

A true professional understands bridal beauty and photography.  A professional will have the tools and expertise.  A lot of the brands that I use aren’t found at your local beauty shop.  I use professional products in my kit.  You many not recognize most of the brand names I use and that's because they are professional and not consumer based.  These brands have amazing blend-ability and finish.  They are high performance and the best in longevity.

I get it, you do your own hair every day or perhaps you’ve been going to the same salon for years.  The lady who does your hair is familiar with you and your hair and knows what you want every time.  I bet you didn’t know that most salon personnel aren’t trained to style hair.  They are trained mostly in cutting and coloring.  Most cosmetology schools don’t train their students in the art of styling hair for special events. I’ve experienced this first hand.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone into a salon and have had an awesome cut, but the lovely lady simply can’t style my hair.  What do I do?  I go home and fix it.  Is that something you’re willing to do on an already busy day?  I think not!

At this point, you’re probably thinking that you can’t possibly afford hiring a professional beauty vendor.  Or maybe you just don’t understand why something as “simple” as getting your hair and makeup done costs so much.  News flash!  It’s a luxury service! 

What makes us a luxury service?
There’s no need to drive all around town and risking the possibility of hitting traffic.  I come to you!  An on-location artist will pamper you and create a relaxed environment.  I don’t know any bride who wants to be completely stressed on the day of her wedding.  You should be relaxed and having some good laughs with your bridal party.  Having that relaxation and pampering before the ceremony is key.

While heading out to a makeup counter may sound like a good idea, it’s really not.  When you go to a makeup counter, you have the possibility of encountering one of two people.  The person who has little to no experience or someone who is amazing.  The question is, do you really want to take that chance?  A counter “makeup artists” primary goal is to sell makeup.  They can’t take the time out for you the way a professional would.  Besides, think about the makeup testers she's going to use on you.  Testers that everyone touches and probably have not been sanitized correctly.  A professional brings their own kit which has been cleaned and sanitized after every client.

We provide the utmost customer service.  I highly doubt that your salon girl and the makeup counter employee will respond to your emails and texts as effectively (or at all) the way a beauty professional would.  I’ve received texts and emails as late at 10pm and as early as 6am.

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed in choosing your beauty vendor, not to worry!  Look at an artist who has a portfolio, good reputation and reviews.  No doubt you'll find the right one for you!