Do's And Don'ts of a Wedding Trial

by Yisell Santos

Dear Bride,
Your bridal trial is important.  Let's do it right!

DO bring inspiration photos.
When choosing inspiration photos, think about a few things.  Does this person have my same face shape?  Does this person have the same volume of hair as I do?  While it doesn't have to be perfect, showing photos with similar features as you helps to keep expectations as realistic as possible.  This avoids disappointment at the end of your trial.  Sometimes, brides can feel that the end result "doesn't look like the picture". I create a look that is tailored to you while taking your personal style into consideration. Why look like someone else when your partner chose you?  Be YOU!  YOU are beautiful.

DO keep an open mind. 
Keep in mind that makeup for weddings and photography are different than your everyday makeup look.  Some brides love makeup and are up for anything.  Some have worn little to no makeup in their whole lives so when they look in the mirror they see "a lot of makeup".  This is a formal event.  Think about the time of your wedding/reception.  Is it in the evening?  Is it in the afternoon?  If you go too "everyday", it will show in your photos and your photos are what's going to last you a lifetime once the I Do's are said and the party is over.

DO bring a friend.  DON'T bring a posse.
Most people need a second opinion so feel free to have a friend at your trial.  In fact, I encourage it.  However, don't have an entire posse of people there.  At my trials, I limit it to ONE friend/family member.  I do this because having too many people there overwhelms the bride and can even do more harm that good.  Posse's can sometimes discourage and confuse the bride when there's one too many cooks in the kitchen.

DO be vocal.
Unless you're 100% trusting me to give you a hair/makeup look that I think would be beautiful (and I think a lot of looks are beautiful), telling me what you want is ideal.  If you don't communicate, I won't know.  Once done, if there's something that needs a little tweaking, speak up.  Want your lips a little brighter? Done!