Inside My Fall Makeup Bag

by Yisell Santos

Although summer isn't officially over until September 23rd (we have 1 week left!), we can pretty much say that Summer is over.  The leaves have started to turn here in Northern Virginia, the sun sets sooner and the weather is a little bit cooler in the mornings.  I absolutely love fall weather and everything that comes with it.  The fashion, the pumpkin spice latte's and of course, the makeup!

Here's a little peek at what's inside my fall makeup bag.

Now, this isn't all of it.  Trust me I have quite a lot of makeup, however, these are my favorites and it's what I reach for the most.

I'm the type of girl who isn't afraid of color so shades of orange and purple are my favorite in the fall along with some copper, gold and the classic neutral colors.  On the left is the Balm Nude 'Tude palette.  I originally purchased this palette for my pro kit and loved it so much I purchased one for myself.  The colors are beautiful and great if you work in a corporate setting.  On the right are my favorite individual colors that I put together in a Z-Palette.  The shadows are a mix of Urban Decay, FACE atelier and MAC.  What I like about the Z-Palette is that I can pop any eyeshadow in and out as I please so come Spring, there will be a new set of colors in there. 

As the weather gets colder, skin tends to get dryer, which is I love these cream blushes.  I tend to stay away from powder blushes during the winter months.  It just makes my skin look and feel dry.  If that's a concern you have, stick with cream blushes.  These two are my favorite.  
Left: Tarte Cheek Stain in True Love
Right: Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush in Shimmering Peach

I'm all about a bold lip when wearing a neutral eye and as I stated before, color is definitely not something I'm afraid of.  I love wearing deep reds, wines and even deep orange in the fall.  They're just so sexy and they make my pout look super full and kissable.  There are so many options for wine colored lipstick so I won't sit here and name every single one.  The best part about makeup is playing.  Go out there and try things.  If you don't like it, and many people don't know this, but most drugstores as well as Ulta lets you return cosmetics if you're unhappy.
Left to Right:  Covergirl Lip Lava in Mauva Lava, NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco

Of course we can't forget about skin care.  All beauty begins with great skin.  You can't have your makeup look good if you're not properly taking care of your skin.  It is vital that you implement a skin regimen into your daily routine.  Here are my 3 favorite skin savers for the winter.  I absolutely LOVE the Embryolisse Lait Creme.  It is my go to, not only in my personal bag, but in my pro kit as well.  What I love about this moisturizer is that it's buildable.  If you don't need a lot, a tiny dot will do the job.  But if you're having a really bad skin day (for me, particularly around the December/January months), I slather this stuff all over my face from the top of my forehead all the way down to my neck area.  It is worth every single penny.

When I'm on the go, I like to keep the Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer in my car or purse.  It's a tad heavier so it's perfect for the extremely brutal days.  You know those days, when the temperature is 6 degrees and your tears turn to ice. 

And last but not least, eye cream.  You've got to have eye cream.  The skin around the eyes are the thinnest on your face and need to be handled with care.  I'm so in love with the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment.  This stuff is no joke and a little goes a long way.  My best friend (who's actually the lovely gem in the video on their site) gifted it to me for my birthday (in April) and I feel like I've barely scratched the surface.  I'll have this little jar forever.

Note: Never pull or drag on that particular area of your skin.  That's the fast road to losing collagen which loosens skin which creates wrinkles.  When applying any creams or serums always use your ring finger  (it's the weakest in pressure) and always tap the product in, never rub.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at what's in my fall makeup bag as much as I enjoyed showing it to you.  Now go out there and play.  That's what makeup is all about.