Updo's For Thin Fine Hair

by Yisell Santos

There are no rules on how your hair should be styled on your wedding day.  I've done all sorts of styles. Up, down, braids, twists, straight, waves etc. on all sorts of hair types. It's all in what YOU like and what YOU feel comfortable in.  With that said, I want to speak to the brides who have fine thin hair.  I feel your pain.  I was dealt with the thin hair card and let me tell you that the struggle is real.  If you're a bride that has thin hair, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Easy and Low Maintenance
    Anything that's easy to maintain is always key.  Going around worrying about your hair is the last thing you want.
  2. Hair Accessories
    Adding hair accessories such as hair combs and headbands to your style can hide and distract away from any areas that may not have as much hair and/or fullness.
  3. Make It An Updo
    That's right!  You can still put your hair up if you have good enough length but revert back to tip #1.  Keep it low maintenance.  Updo's with texture near the crown area always give the illusion that there's more hair than there really is.
  4. Add Hair Pieces and/or Fillers
    - Hair Pieces: Think about adding some extensions to give your hair more volume (and even length!) If you have some areas where your scalp is exposed, perhaps you can go with a hair topper.  Hair toppers are pretty amazing. I've had a bride wear one for her wedding day and no one except myself and her bridesmaids knew she was wearing one.  She even had it cut and dyed to match her hair!

    - Fillers: If you'd like to do an Updo, discuss with your hair stylist in advance about adding fillers to your hair.  There's these awesome things called "hair rats."  I'm aware that it sounds a little creepy but I promise you it's not.  Check them out here.

If you're a simple girl like me and prefer not to add any "fluff" to your hair for your wedding, that's perfectly fine.  I didn't.  Here are few simple updo's for thin hair I love that are low maintenance and beautiful.